PROJECT WIN – Canberra Light Rail, ACT

Transport Canberra are rolling out the Light Rail Network which will deliver a modern transport system that can meet the requirements of a growing, changing city. Construction of stage one of the Light Rail Network is now underway, with work progressing on the 12 kilometre City to Gungahlin corridor.

The corridor is an important part of the Transport for Canberra policy, which maps out ways to deliver faster, more convenient and more sustainable transport options for Canberra over the next 20 years. Light rail will run from City to Gungahlin, along Northbourne Avenue and Flemington Road. It will deliver high quality, reliable and frequent public transport down one of Canberra’s busiest corridors.

In addition, light rail will attract people, businesses and investment to the Northbourne Avenue and the City. Northbourne Avenue creates a unique opportunity for the Government to capitalise on its light rail investment due to its land ownership along the corridor which it is looking to beautify using large trees and plantings.

Fast Facts

  • 12 km route
  • 6 minute peak service
  • 10-15 minute off peak
  • 13 stops
  • 14 light rail vehicles
  • 24 minute journey time
  • Same level boarding at all stops
  • 2 dedicated wheelchair spaces
  • Bikes on board
  • Capacity of more than 200 people

HL Landscapes have been entrusted to deliver the landscaping on the projects which will include

  • Soil manufacture including amelioration of site soils
  • Installation of all garden beds and turf
  • Irrigation systems including incorporation into the cities infrastructure
  • Maintenance for up to 12 months following completion

Keep an eye out for the team who are looking forward to delivering the project for the local community!!!