HL Landscapes

Associated Hazards:

  • Unplanned deliveries
  • Non compliant/not PPE equipped delivery drivers
  • Lifting of heavy items
  • Injury from unloading large trees
  • Manual unloading from truck bed
  • Unrestrained material

Non-Negotiable Controls

  • Pre plan all deliveries
  • Drivers to call ahead for correct delivery location/direction
  • Pre slung materials
  • Appropriate lifting machines to be fitted with anti burst valves
  • No access to tray of Utes or truck bed unless fall protection is in place
  • Correct manual handling
  • All trees > 45L to be strapped to pallets and unloaded using forks
  • Ensure loads are restrained using rates straps at all times
  • All loads to be covered at all times when moving around and off site