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HYDROMULCHING – Not as simple as it seems

Over the past 40 years, we have seen major success stories, coupled with major failures when it comes to revegetation seeding works throughout Australia. Some people consider Hydromulching and Hydroseeding as a cheap and quick way to rehabilitate large areas prior to leaving a work site. If not done correctly, however, it can end up costing the client 10 times the price to fix. That’s because seeding, in general, is much more than a one-step process.

Successful revegetation begins when we start to look at the sub-grade material, and in some cases even earlier. Most of the time, skipping this crucial step is the reason for low germination results whether using soil/mulch or blanket options. HL Landscapes encourage our clients to take the time to look at the materials layer by layer to achieve success at the top. We see the process much like making a cake with seeding works being the icing, but without the correct structure below the project will be doomed from the start.

Our team are known for our ability to manage the process from initial testing requirements right through to the watering and maintenance of our projects. We have been and continue to be entrusted to successfully complete the largest infrastructure projects across Australia. It may be the cheapest treatment on your project but if not done correctly, it can end up being the most expensive.

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