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3 Things You Need to Know About Landscaping in Brisbane

1. How much does landscaping cost in Brisbane?

It is difficult to estimate the cost of Civil Landscaping in Brisbane and throughout QLD.  All landscaping solutions require different levels of complexity.  For instance, the extent of ground works required to manage the terrain including water run-off mitigation, will be different for each site.  Some landscapes will require extensive ground works such as cutting and filling to even out the gradient of the land.  Other landscapes require grading of the entire area to make different levels of landscaping .   Once the ground works are completed the hardscape can be built.  Hardscaping includes things such as fully engineered retaining walls using sandstone, hardwood, pine or concrete sleepers, precast panels or engineered blocks.  Some landscapes call for the simple use of landscaping rocks such as sandstone to define sections of the design, the intricacy of the site design also varies across location.  Other structures require construction.  These can include seats, architectural focal points, stairs and drainage gutters.  The final step in creating beautiful civil projects is planting and revegetation.  The design may call for hard edged formal gardens or free flowing native planting and hydromulching.  The idea of Civil Landscaping in QLD is to provide large infrastructure and spaces with excellent sustainability for the public and you can’t put a price on that.

2. How much does landscaping cost per square metre?

The cost of Civil Landscaping in QLD per square meter is not possible to estimate, however experience is needed to get it right.  Each project has different requirements considering the unique terrain of the land and the project build design.  Terrain considerations include the extent of earthworks required, to either level out the land or to create terraces or points of interest in the landscape.  Water run-off and redirection after heavy rain also needs to be considered.  These costs could be calculated and called the base cost.  This base cost varies wildly from project land to project land and is one of the reasons why it is so difficult to estimate landscaping on a square meter basis.  Then there is the project build plan.  Whether it’s for a simple soil remediation or a full suite of revegetation management, each build is different and as such, will have a different cost per square metre.  After the Civil Landscaping competent of the project is complete, HL Landscapes can assist with programmed Landscape Maintenance, keeping it fresh and thriving for years to come.

3. How much should I budget for landscaping?

Budgets for civil landscaping in Brisbane and throughout QLD can range anywhere from small amounts for a quick update project, to millions of dollars for large public spaces.  A large civil landscaping project in QLD can include an integrated landscape design incorporating various spaces including hardscapes, soil remediation, subgrade amelioration, soil and mulch placement, watering and maintenance.  It is hard making statements about costs and budget.  There are two ways costs are worked out.  HL Landscapes can be given a design brief and a budget range to work within.  Other times HL are given a detailed plan and the landscaper needs to calculate the build costs and quote for the work. It is not easy to just stipulate a budget unless you know what you are working with as far terrain and ground works are concerned.  Cost of items to be built also needs to be considered and the intended outcome is what can drive the results.  

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