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Common Questions on Getting Landscaping Done

What does landscape maintenance include?

Landscape maintenance includes more than you would imagine.  Most people think of mowing lawns and pruning a few hedges, but there is more to professional landscape maintenance than that.  The most obvious is maintenance of general garden beds – this includes weeding and getting rid of dead plants and other pruned greenery.  Pruning is an important aspect of landscaping services – it gives a garden a fresh look and encourages growth.  Of course, pruning can be a bit specialised so it is better to employ a landscape maintenance professional.  It is important to water your plants, but plant food is just as important.  Some plants require specialist foods and a program of regular maintenance will see to the timely feeding of plants. This includes the lawn.  Regular watering is undeniably easier with an automatic irrigation.  But these systems require regular maintenance to ensure they are operating at their full efficiency.  Finally, regular mulching will keep the garden beds free of weeds, keep moisture in the beds and provide some nutrients to the plants.  HL Landscapes will cover these aspects to keep your landscape looking amazing.

How much does landscaping maintenance cost?

The cost of your professional landscaping maintenance will depend very much on the services you require. Companies who provide services for Landscape Maintenance may attend to the basics including lawns and edging in large landscapes.  Other grounds maintenance services might include lawn fertilisation, aeration, weed removal and lawn pest identification and control.  Thorough lawn care and maintenance can be quite confusing and time consuming to the novice and for best results is often best left to landscape maintenance professionals.  Mulching is another important part of any garden maintenance program.  It requires regular application of a quality mulch to maintain moisture in the soil and protect the plant root system.  Some people employ garden maintenance firms seasonally to prune, remove debris, apply mulch or to tidy edges.  Sometimes treatment of lawn pests and seeding of bald spots might be included.  More complex services available might include soil testing or design, installation and maintenance of irrigation systems.  This applies equally to home and commercial landscapes.  Regular programmed garden maintenance provides a year-round plan of action to keep your garden and lawns looking marvellous and is an investment in your property.

Does Landscaping increase property value?

There is no doubt about it, a property with good curb appeal has a higher valuation.  No doubt too, that well-maintained garden landscape is an essential part of curb appeal.  The ground the property sits on is worth taking care of with regular landscape maintenance.  Good results come from good planning.  A well-designed garden with carefully selected plants and trees will look better over time and increase value.  A garden with a beautiful shade tree away from the gutters is exactly what a garden needs during summer.  Trees and shrubs don’t grow overnight and are an investment in the future value of your property.  Some regular grounds maintenance that can improve curb appeal and increase the value of your property include well defined garden and lawn areas, weeded and mulched gardens and a beautiful lawn.  

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