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Carbon Farming in Landscaping

Did you know that HL assists companies in achieving their Carbon Farming Sequestration targets. From initial reporting, through to design and installation as well as long term establishment and monitoring. Carbon farming presents an opportunity to help restore balance, using Earth’s land-based plant life and wetlands to naturally reabsorb excess carbon dioxide, or changing land […]

Common Questions on Getting Landscaping Done

What does landscape maintenance include? Landscape maintenance includes more than you would imagine.  Most people think of mowing lawns and pruning a few hedges, but there is more to professional landscape maintenance than that.  The most obvious is maintenance of general garden beds – this includes weeding and getting rid of dead plants and other […]

3 Things You Need to Know About Landscaping in Brisbane

1. How much does landscaping cost in Brisbane? It is difficult to estimate the cost of Civil Landscaping in Brisbane and throughout QLD.  All landscaping solutions require different levels of complexity.  For instance, the extent of ground works required to manage the terrain including water run-off mitigation, will be different for each site.  Some landscapes […]